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Indian Military’s Buildup and its Impact on Pakistan: An Overview


  1. Kokab Al Saba
    Ph. D Scholar , Department of Politics and International Relations , International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan
  2. Dr. Noor Fatima
    Acting Chairperson , Department of Politics and International Relations , International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan


The Indian military modernization is serious threat to South Asian security in general and particularly Pakistan. The Indian military is continuously bringing shift in her strategic thinking and introducing new doctrines. Which compel India to fill the void in her overall military capabilities because at the moment Pakistan is coming up with adequate answers to the Indian doctrinal transformation. The nuclear factor reduced the likelihood of large scale war and forced the Indian political and military leadership to find gap between the nuclear and conventional capabilities of Pakistan. This is the reason that India is transforming her military doctrines and from total war to limited war. In the changing strategic scenario, the Indian military is aiming at quick and swift operations under the nuclear overhang. To achieve her stated objectives, it needs an agile force which is integrated with modern Network Centric Warfare and Electronic Warfare capabilities. The Indian military is refurbishing het tri services with advance weaponry to enhance the operational readiness of her forces against emerging threats in the region. The Indian Army, Air Force and Navy is phasing out old weapons and replacing it with modern arsenal with the help of Russia, America, EU and Israel. Such a development would create security dilemma in South Asia vis-à-vis Pakistan. Pakistan is trying to overcome this emerging threat with her indigenous capabilities but due to fragile economy it may not achieve arithmetic arms race against India. To deter India from any limited conventional attack Pakistan would definitely rely on her tactical nuclear weapons to offset the Indian conventional superiority. This article would focus on the Indian military’s rapid doctrinal transformation and military modernization and how it creates conventional asymmetry in South Asia and force Pakistan to go for conventional or nuclear countermeasures to maintain balance of terror to deter India from any misadventure.


Buildup, Indian Army, Pakistan


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