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Integrating Task Based Language Teaching with Grammar Translation Method in Pakistani ESL Class


  1. Afzal Ul Haque
    Visiting Lecturer , Department of English , University of Okara, Punjab, Pakistan
  2. Rashid Mahmood
    Visiting Lecturer , Department of English , University of Okara, Punjab, Pakistan
  3. Arslan Tahir
    M. Phil Scholar , Department of English , RIPHAH International University, Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan


There is no doubt in saying that the Grammar Translation Method for teaching a foreign language, especially English has grown too old and outdated in this rapidly changing world. But if we look at the Pakistani context the situation is somewhat different. Pakistan is among those states where the Grammar Translation Method is being practiced, at large, in public schools. To teach English as a foreign language. There are countless factors/reasons behind this cult in Pakistan due to which it has become a great challenge for the Pakistani replace this old fashioned method with advanced teaching methodologies. This challenge exists not only at the government level but also for educationists and linguists who are working in this area. This research is conducted to evaluate the combination of the Traditional Method and TBLT in teaching English as a foreign language at schools working under government administration in Pakistan. The students of the 9th class studying at govt. schools in Okara, Punjab, were selected as population. The test was developed as a chief instrument to get data from the targeted population. The students’ feedback questionnaire and observation checklist were other tools developed by the researchers to obtain necessary data. To acquire data from the selected population Pre-treatment assessment tests and post-treatment assessment tests were held. The researchers made use of tables, charts and graphs for data analysis. For data analysis statistical software “SPSS” was employed and for verification and interpretation T-test was applied. The results of current research work pointed out the success ratio of integration of Grammar Translation Method and Task Based Language Teaching for teaching EFL to Pakistani students studying in 9th class. The findings of current research would be beneficial for students, teachers, educational managers and policymakers. They can design teaching strategies, methodologies and policies for effective and result oriented EFL teaching at public schools in Pakistan.


ESL, GTM, Integrated Methods, Language Teaching, TBLT


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