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Internal Migration and its Consequences on Migrant Families: A Case of Study the Punjab, Pakistan


  1. Saima Safdar
    Lecturer , Social Work , Higher Education Department, Punjab, Pakistan
  2. Miss Rizwana
    Ph. D Scholar , Institute of social and Cultural Studies (ISCS) , University of the Punjab, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  3. Dr. Muqaddas Javed
    Lecturer , Department of Statistics , University of Gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan


The trends of rural to urban or urban to urban migration, is a common phenomenon especially in developing countries like Pakistan and have significant effects on both sending and receiving communities, and on the lives of migrant families. The target population of this study was the migrated families in Lahore city, from rural or other areas of the country. To draw the sample from target population a multistage simple random sampling was applied. A community based survey method was used for collection of primary information through structured questionnaire. The data was collected from migrated families and total 448 respondents were interviewed. Majority of the area in the country does not possess the basics as improved health facility, education institutes especially for females, better economic opportunities for livelihood and so many among others. Due to these unrest conditions most of the people migrate from their homeland to Lahore city in the hope of better livings. This migration brings positive as well as negative consequences on the host communities and the migrated lives also. Socio-cultural ties, kinship relations, community geographical and demographic situation, family type and process, occupational status among others have entirely changed because of this movement in the country.


Global Phenomenon, Internal Migration, Migrated Families


Article # 2
Volume # 2
Issue # 1

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DOI Number: 10.35484/ahss.2021(2-I)02
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