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Linguistic Features of Renaissance and Romantic Poetry: A Stylistic Comparison of Shakespeare and Wordsworth's Sonnets


  1. Imran Nazeer
    M. Phil Scholar , Department of English , University of Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan
  2. Muhammad Riaz Gohar
    Ph. D Scholar , Department of English , University of Gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan
  3. Dr. Sajid Waqar
    Assistant Professor , Department of English , University of Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan


The main objective of the study is to search out the linguistic features of Renaissance and Romantic Poetry. The researcher tried out to differentiate the different figurative devices used by William Wordsworth and William Shakespeare in their sonnets. Two sonnets “Sonnet-18 and Daffodils” were selected as the sample. To find out the linguistic features the researcher followed the guidelines given by Geoffrey Leech in his book “A Linguistic Guide to English Poetry”. To carry out this particular study the descriptive method was used. It was concluded that different figurative/stylistic devices “Alliteration, Anaphora, Assonance, Consonance, Hyperbole, Imagery, Metre, Simile and Symbols were used by the poets in their poems. Some of them are used in both poems and some represent just one period. The study recommends that the teachers and the students should know the style of different writings and they should also be aware of the different figurative and stylistic devices uses in the poetry to get a better understanding. In this way, they can go through the abstract meaning of the writing and they can read them more easily.


English Sonnets, Linguistic Features, Renaissance, Romantic Poetry, Shakespeare, Stylistic Comparison, Wordsworth


Article # 5
Volume # 2
Issue # 1

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DOI Number: 10.35484/ahss.2021(2-I)05
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