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Religious Radicalization and Social Exclusion of Christian Community: A Case of Pakistan


  1. Waqas Ahmad
    Ph. D Scholar , Department of Sociology , GC University Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan
  2. Nadeem Arshad
    Lecturer , Department of Sociology , Causeway College Hafizabad, Punjab, Pakistan
  3. Afzaal Afzal
    PhD Scholar , Department of Social Work , University of the Punjab, Lahore. Pakistan


This study examines the role of terrorism, in promoting social exclusion among educated Christian minority in Pakistan. It also explains the violent behavior of community after the Youhanabad terror incidents, which resulted in lynching of two Muslim men. The studied focused on two core objectives; first to analyze the role of terrorism in elevating already existing social exclusion among Pakistani Christian community and to understand the reasons behind the mob behavior. Mob behavior itself was reflection of exclusion as the community or group no longer believes in the existing system. Qualitative research design was used and 20 in-depth interviews were conducted with random respondents of the Christian community who had passed their 10 years of examination or higher schooling than this. The collected data from these interviews was coded using NVivo software. Themes that emerged from coding were analyzed. It was found that terrorism specifically is not seen the reason of exclusion of Christian community. Community stated that terrorism has played fewer roles in social exclusion and they watched the terrorism as the collective problem of the whole Pakistani society; however, society at large level excludes minority population in many other aspects. The society did not treat them on equality basis. They often face discrimination in society. It was specifically found that most of the NGOs are working for Christian community inclusion and interfaith harmony but many are non-functional. It was also found that violent behavior by Christian community was random, sudden and not planned.


Minorities, Pakistani Christian Community, Social Exclusion, Terrorism, Violent Mob Behavior


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